Innovative Professional Antivirus product and application with Curie Solution 

Curie Arrests & Kills Covid-19

Now is the time, we may fear less with Curie

Products & Solutions

A Face Mask solution which Arrest and Kill Virus and COVID 19. Beside supplying Curie KV99 Antivirus Mask Filter, Curie also help manufacturer purchasing third parties material to enhance the quality of mask.

Curie KV99 Mask Solution could apply on all models of masks.

Applicable in several air conditioner’s filtering fabric.  Enhancing our air conditioner becoming a air purifier and virus killing machine. Curie KV99 Air Con Filter is suitable for both residential and commercial air conditioning system.



To protect Curie’s manufacturing partners, Curie Solutions are patented in Hong Kong and United Stated, covering 158 countries and regions globally.


Curie, a Hong Kong-based biochemical invention company, founded in 2019. Curie is mainly engaged in 3D bioprinting, emphasis in enhancing the affinity between scaffolding and human cells. We are dedicated to becoming a market leader in implementation of the latest biomedical technologies into affordable and scalable manufacturing products.


The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge for researchers over the world to rapidly identify effective ways for prevention and treatment. Supported by various local and international universities and institutes, Curie has developed our own Curie Biochemical Solution, a non-toxic and edible solvent, which can arrest and kill bacteria and virus, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in ultrahigh efficiency. Curie products and its solutions have obtained proven record from various international labs in killing several kinds of virus and bacterial including COVID-19. 



“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift no easy” 

– Marie Curie


Curie is devoted to fight against viral and bacterial infection, applying biochemical science in collaborative ways with different application, to create a series of antiviral product for our lives. 



With our on-going Research & Development, we hope to uncover materials with our manufacturing partners in lower cost which are affordable by every single person in the world regardless of their race, nationality and class to fight against virus.


Curie Honours

Curie is a activated registration vendor for our Antivirus Product to United Nations

Vendor number #713829

International Lab Intertek has proven Curie Filter to block 99.99a% Virus

Proven could KILL 99.81% real COVID-19 by ATCCR with ISO 18184

Second Runner Up (Bronze Award) in China National Exhibition of Invention (Cert. No. 2903210)


Meet The Team


38-40 Chai Wan Kok Str

Tsuen Wan, NT


Aldrin Or

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Entrepreneur & Inventor - over 10 years of experience running printing business; human tissue & cells 3D printing projects; co-inventor of Curie patent

Rayman Gong

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Polytechnic University ITC Post-grad researcher;
Years of experience with fabric material invention;

International awardee

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38-40 Chai Wan Kok Str

Tsuen Wan, NT

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