Core Strengths in Biological Filtration and Treatment

An advanced development and manufacturing of bioelectret company for electroceuticals

Curie Limited is an advanced development and manufacturing of bioelectret company for electroceuticals, which has developed our own C-Polar bioelectret to arrest, inactivate and eliminate high ratios of microbiome, including coronavirus, influenza and coxsackievirus, from fast air flow, with short contact time only.

Our mechanism is independent from external energy, chemical consumption, and toxicity to human cells. To protect Curie’s partners, our mechanism is patented in Hong Kong and United Stated, covering 158 countries and regions globally.

C-Polar has a clear ability to:

  • Arrest 99.9% SARS-229E and Coxsackievirus B6

  • Inactivate 99.9% SARS-229E and Coxsackievirus B6 in 5 mins

  • Given that SARS-229E and Coxsackievirus B6 are structurally quite different, there is a high likelihood of seeing similar results with other viruses as well.

  • Eliminate 98% SARS-CoV-2 in 5 mins and 99.6% SARS-CoV-2 in 30 mins

  • No cytotoxicity to human lung cells and green monkey kidney cells

  • No reduction on cell sensitivity


Our Story

Prior to the COVID pandemic, our founders - Aldrin and Raymond, were using a 3D printing method called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) to develop nano scaffolding for artificial tissue growth. The two of them developed bioelectret materials and their composites as special surface modification agents to treat the nano scaffolding structure with adjustable dielectricity, wettability and biocompatibility to control and guide the growth of tissues.

When COVID hit last year, critical shortfalls of personal protective equipment (PPE)-particularly medical masks and respirators started immediately in Hong Kong.  One of the main reasons was due to the lack of metlblwon, a special nonwoven materials with electrostatically charges that can capture particulate matters too tiny to be filtered by regular textiles and filters. Based on our unique surface modification and processing experience with bioelectrets for biological uses, we aimed to quickly developing a new kind of filtering materials with strong positive polarity (we often named it as C-Polar in short) to replace meltblown for PPE products to meet the urgent and huge market demand. 

Through experimentation on bacteria, we found that C-Polar was able to significantly arrest bacteria – to a much greater degree than meltblown fabric (the commonly used material in conventional face masks). These promising results gave our founders confidence to pivot and focus on tackling COVID. Later, it was further demonstrated that C-polar materials can give PPE the ability to remove biohazards (i.e. bacteria and virus) with a particulate filtering efficiency of over 99.9%. More significantly, rather than simple passive protection, C-polar can proactively Arrest and Inhibit coronavirus and enterovirus both with a ratio of over 99.9% in five minutes. In addition, different from electrostatically charging meltblown, the strong positive polarity of C-polar materials is independent on humidity and temperature, which can maintain ultrahigh filtration and disinfection efficiency.