KV99 Mask Solution

A Face Mask solution which Arrest and Kill
Virus and COVID 19

Strong Protection

Highest medical-grade protection (PFE > 99%, VFE / BFE > 99.9a%), meeting ASTM F2101 Level 3 and EN14683 standard, for a peace-of-mind.

Killing instead of filtering greatly reducing risk for 2nd infection

Virus could survive on traditional mask for 7 days with 180 times growth rate in every 4 hours.

A durable solution to traditional mask for usage time


*Comparison of mask using Curie KV99 solution.

Learning KV99 Mask Technical

Surface proteins of bacteria and viruses are negative-charged. 

Traditional mask using negatives electrostatic charge to capture or filtering the virus and bacteria.

However Spike protein over coronavirus is “strong negative charged”.  The polarity of the two is the same and therefore it repels – inefficient in capturing microbials.

The highly positive-charged fibers inside Curie's KV99 filtration material attracts and arrests “strong negative charged” protein spikes on virus and bacteria

Strong attraction force can tear off protein chain over envelope of coronavirus, and achieve COVID-19 killing effect.

Curie KV99 Mask solution Certifications



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