KV99 Air Con Filter

Applicable in several air conditioner’s filtering fabric

Enhancing our air conditioner becoming a air purifier and virus killing machine

- Effective rate is 100 times higher that general air conditioner’s filter

- Combine with Ultra ventilated material, does not affect the air-conditioning function.

- Proven to kill COVID-19 (99.81%) 

- Combined with other Viral Filtration Efficiency >99.9a% 

- Non toxic and non metallic composition, NO Allergy concern 

- Build in technology in manufacturing status instead of solvent spraying, up to two year of anti-virus performance 

Learning KV99 Air Con Technology

Spike protein over coronavirus is “strong negative charged”.

The highly positive-charged fibers inside Curie's filtration material attracts and arrests “strong negative charged” protein spikes on virus and bacteria

Strong attraction force can tear off protein chain over envelope of coronavirus, and achieve COVID-19 killing effect.


Humidity and temperature proof - Curie patented strong polycationic nano structure maintain ultra filtration and disinfection efficiency, it can remain BFE > 99.99% after conditioning in 120°C for 48 hours. Effectiveness last for more than 2 years under optimal storage conditions.


With the combination of  tranditional air filter, Curie solution provide a effective indoor dust, bacteria and virus filtration system in air conditioner. 

Curie KV99 Air Con Filter Certifications



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